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Case Results

Slip & Fall:

  • Client falls from staging, fractured hip, $350,000.00 negotiated settlement
  • Garage door falls on client while making delivery. Arbitration award of $200,000.00
  • Slip and fall accident against a municipality, elderly client trips on remnant of street sign. After jury trial, $45,000.00 award
  • Client slips and falls on water in restaurant, negotiated settlement of $90,000.00

Fire Injury:

  • Minor child dies in tenement as a result of fire, $270,000 negotiated settlement

Dog Bite:

  • Child bitten by dog on top of head, $50,000 mediated settlement

Automobile Accidents:

  • Automobile accident, police car hits plaintiff's vehicle, causing torn rotator cuff. After jury trial, award of $140,000.00


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